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Identify Core Values

For a business to be successful it is absolutely imperative the Owners and Leaders identify and continuously message 100% clarity of why the Company exists and how it behaves even when no one is looking. Without a clear and defined set of values it is impossible to develop a roadmap to consistently deliver on our promises. As experienced Trusted Advisors, The FlatRock Group, assists you in identifying and communicating why you do what you do so everyone in the organization is absolutely clear on the mission and can embraces the vision. This motivates and liberates common people to deliver uncommon results.

Align Operational Processes

As businesses grow the Owners find themselves with less time to manage processes and then walk in one day to a chaotic environment where certain procedures that are 100% necessary for success are being ignored. They have been replaced with forms, rules, procedures, logs, meetings, reports etc. that have crept into the workflow process, initiated by employee’s good intentions but have absolutely nothing to add to ROI of our efforts and worse, take away from efficiency and profitability.

Our job is to review the workflow process and procedures for efficiency to assure every action aligns with the desired outcome. We always find businesses can do More with Less once they identify redundant and unnecessary processes that do not support or add to the mission.

Develop Leaders

Employees join Leaders and leave Companies. That is to say Companies are only as good as their Leaders and if it is run and managed by weak Leaders and Managers then the Company is weak.

People, including good leaders, do not want to work for weak companies and if they do they will leave the company as soon as they have an opportunity to join a company that has great leadership.

This Leadership Paradox exists in every organization which is why companies must use proven team engagement evaluation surveys and continuous training to develop their leadership staff.

It’s very important to acknowledge that in our industry leaders are behind every activity; therefore, it is imperative training includes everyone that has management responsibility and that extends from the CEO to the Foreman in the field.

Build Cohesive Teams

The number one and most prevalent issue holding most companies’ hostage and robbing them of success is dysfunctional teams and poor communications.

This leads to a lack of trust and unproductive conflict where team spirit is quashed and service and profits suffer. What’s more significant is that in our industry we are constantly building new project teams that include our employees as well as subcontractors and project teams beyond our immediate control.

The good news is that we have a solution for teaching companies to build trust by embracing conflict, gaining team members’ commitment and jointly holding everyone accountable to reach the team goals.

This is not an overnight fix but rather learning some common sense principles to apply throughout your organization which can and will change the engagement of your employees and increase success and profitability of your company.

Grow Your Business

After companies have engaged The FlatRock Group to help them Identify Their Core Values, Align Their Processes, Train Their Leaders and Build Cohesive Teams the obvious next step is to assist in developing a Roadmap to keep focused and moving forward to a higher level of success and profitability.

There is no one size fits all program due to each company’s unique culture, specific needs and growth plans so we tailor a plan specific to your company.

Our role may change from that of a Trusted Advisor / Consultant to more of a Coaching Role depending on the desires and needs of the client but the single most important thing to us is that you know we are always ready to help you take your company and team to the next level. We are committed to developing people and making a positive difference in every life and company we touch. 

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