Understanding and Defining Your Value Proposition

Can you clearly define to a prospective buyer of your products and services, what problem they have that you can provide better solutions, more efficiently and more resourcefully than your competitors?

What promise of value can you deliver to a customer and what value will they experience?

I realize these questions sound basic and elementary, and they are. But less than 5% of companies I work with have actually thought about this in detail and defined, in writing, their unique Value Proposition.

For success, it is imperative that your business strategy address and define how to differentiate your company from the competition in order to create satisfied and loyal customers which generate sustainable profits. Not until you have clarified this strategic definition can you tactically apply it in principle and effectively market and grow your company.

It’s also important to understand that value propositions apply in a wide range of business activities and may affect a large number of constituents including:

  1. Customers: to explain why they should buy from you.
  2. Subcontractors and Vendors: to explain why your company should be one of their preferred contractors and why they should provide you better pricing and service.
  3. JV Partners: to explain why they should forge a business alliance with you to leverage your joint influence and market presence.
  4. Internally: to explain and influence certain business decisions to support and fund the expansion of your division, department or team.
  5. Employees: to create a company where people prefer to work and employees actively “sell” the company when recruiting new people, or for retaining and motivating existing employees.

At the FlatRock Group we help companies grow their businesses by clearly defining their Value Proposition and developing effective business development and marketing programs. Call us today and start growing your business.

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Kent Leighton, Founder of The Flat Rock Group, has more than 40 years of experience in the Construction and Development Industry. Having owned a successful midsize General Contracting firm he understands the opportunities and trials of running a successful business enterprise. His passion is sharing his victories and his scars with leaders and managers to help them grow and prosper.