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Crane Hand Signals

The crane operator is ultimately responsible for all aspects of crane safety; however, he depends upon the qualified crane “signaler” to assist him by being the operator’s eyes and ears on the ground. Who Calls the Shots?  As with any jobsite activity, it is important that everyone understands who the cast of players involved in the activity […]

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Aerial Lifts Safety

Before you operate an aerial lift you need to be qualified.  Qualification can accomplished through classroom and hands-on training with the type of aerial lift that will be used.  Do not operate or work from an aerial lift unless you are qualified.  This tool-box-talk will highlight some basic requirements. Aerial lifts include the following types […]

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Accident Reporting

Accidents shouldn’t happen, but, if they do, they must be reported them immediately to your foreman or supervisor; not days or weeks later. An accident analysis must also be conducted to try and determine how to prevent it from happening again. Even if no one is injured or no property damage occurs, don’t ignore the […]

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