Organizational Assessment

In the construction industry we tend to solve problems by throwing people and money at problems hoping for the best. Early in my career a seasoned scheduler and wise mentor told me “You Can’t Make A Train Run Faster By Putting More Engineers In The Cab”.

That one phrase sent me on a lifetime journey of searching for clues of what separates great construction organizations from those that simply survive, just get by or worse, fail. At the top of the list is People and Processes. The knee jerk reaction to hire more people is almost always a symptom of greater issues that are negatively impacting morale, production, quality and profits.

Our mission at The FlatRock Group is to help companies identify their core values, focus on employee behavior, communication, trust and productivity and to identify and instill processes that produce results. Then curtail every activity and procedure that does not support this effort. By aligning values, people and processes, profits increase as does the quality of life for the Owners and Employees.

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