Kent Leighton, Co-Founder of Construction Connection, Rolls Out The Flat Rock Group to Help Contractors Grow and Prosper in Today’s Demanding Marketplace

The Flat Rock Group announces initiative to equip construction companies to succeed by
helping them understand why many contractors fail.

Austin, Texas (PRWEB) October 21, 2014 — As the construction industry struggles to meet the operational and
human capital demands of the current building boom in various parts of the US they face an array of new
challenges not present in previous business cycles.

Unfortunately, in the past, many leaders and managers had a mindset that a valid solution for operational and
project problems was to “just throw more people and more money” at the problems. Leighton continues, “This
method only appeared to work as it provided temporary and cosmetic relief from reality and it occurred in a
marketplace with abundant monetary reserves and construction professionals.” But the fact is he continues
“You can’t make a train run faster by putting more engineers in the cab”.

Leighton, a forty year veteran of the construction industry and cofounder of Construction Connection, formed
The Flat Rock Group to help construction owners, leaders and managers succeed and prosper by merging the
basics of construction business management with high tech solutions to grow, succeed and prosper. “In today’s
business environment we must embrace technology but not forget that ultimately it’s the values, goals,
processes and hands on leadership of trained and empowered employees that guarantee success”, Leighton

A Trusted Advisors role is to help contractors understand Why Contractors Fail and use that knowledge to
create operational processes and organizational structures that work while supporting the values and goals
unique and specific to each business owner.

Companies must recognize the number one and most prevalent issue holding most companies’ hostage and
robbing them of success is dysfunctional teams and poor communications. This business cycle is being
extremely impacted by the lack of qualified employees. During the last ten years our industry has lost hundreds
of thousands of qualified project managers, superintendents, tradesmen, construction managers, and
administrative employees to other industries.

The Flat Rock Group recognizes that today’s challenge is how to streamline processes and leverage a
company’s current staff. Experts agree that having clarity of vision, mature leaders and managers, continuous
training and cohesive teams, contractors will find they can produce more product and profits with fewer

For contractors to succeed in the next decade they must surround themselves by various “on demand” experts
such as The Flat Rock Groups Trusted Advisors and draw from the vast pool of talent available to help them
grow their companies in a profitable and harmonious environment.
About The Flat Rock Group

The Flat Rock Group was created to help construction companies survive and succeed in today’s complex and
competitive marketplace by helping them evaluate everything they do against a set of time tested management
principles and proven operational processes. We help companies understand that hiring more employees is not
usually the catch all solution and will usually only exacerbate problems if hiring is not part of a well-defined set
of visions, goals and processes. Our goal is to help construction companies succeed by helping them understand
why many contractors fail.

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About the author

Kent Leighton, Founder of The Flat Rock Group, has more than 40 years of experience in the Construction and Development Industry. Having owned a successful midsize General Contracting firm he understands the opportunities and trials of running a successful business enterprise. His passion is sharing his victories and his scars with leaders and managers to help them grow and prosper.